Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society

President:   Dr John Hunt BA, PhD, FSA, FRHistS, PGCE

 Secretary:  Dr T M James, BA, MA, Ph.D, FHA.  

Treasurer: Mr K J Billington ACIB.

Welcome! SAHS is the County Society for the study, investigation, description and preservation of antiquities and historical records in Staffordshire. Membership  is open to anyone with an interest in history and archaeology. Student, individual and joint rates are available.For further information about the Society follow this link.

Lecture meetings are held on selected Friday evenings between October and April, starting at 8.00pm, The Guildhall, Bore Street, Lichfield (see For more details see Lectures above). Non-members are most welcome. During the year we produce three newsletters to keep members informed,  outings are organised to places of interest and to follow up particular talks.

The society has a reputation for a continuing high standard of excellence in publication, reflected in the subscriptions of over 70 national and international institutions. Currently the latest published volume of our Transactions is XLVII.

This website has been updated to 14 June 2015 If you find a missing link or error please email us at

sahs@sahs.uk.net with the error. Thank you.

NEW  Latest Transaction Vol.XLVII ‘Excavations at Tipping Street, Stafford, 2009-10’ is now available

 to Members and Associates- In Full Colour! Our first.

The Shenstone Project Report is available here

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Wall (Letocetum) Roman site - baths in foreground, mansio at rear.

Roman presence here began around AD 50 and continued until the fifth century



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